Welcome to The Well at UnitedHealth Group

Arrowhead Health Centers is proud to announce a partnership with UnitedHealth Group that brings patient-focused healthcare directly to their employees! Arrowhead Health Centers is now the on-site healthcare provider for all UnitedHealth Group facilities in The Valley.

The Well partnership is only available to employees of UnitedHealth Group. To schedule an appointment, please use your intranet. For more information on the partnership, visit The Well & Arrowhead Health Centers’ landing page here.



We are located in the following United Health Group facilities:
CityScape, 1 E Washington St,
Phoenix, AZ 85004

4425 E Cotton Center Blvd,
Phoenix, AZ 85040

Military & Veterans:
2222 W Dunlap Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85021

Phone: 623-334-4000
Fax: 623-334-4400


  • Convenient Biometric Screenings (required by your employer)
  • Common Acute Care (coughs, colds, etc.)
  • One-on-One Nutrition Counseling
  • Behavioral Health Services
  • Fitness Consulting
  • Ongoing Disease Management (blood pressure, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.)