A History of Putting Patients First

Arrowhead Health Centers is a company that asks people what they want in healthcare and then delivers it. Since 1997, Arrowhead Health Centers has been focused on quality of care and quality of service. That means treating people with respect; being on time; making doctor visits convenient, treatments effective, the process easy, and the doctors themselves approachable. We put people first and it shows.

We provide comprehensive, integrated health care, including primary care, pain and injury management, diagnostics, and rehabilitation. Comprehensive means we cover a lot of needs. Integrated means our practitioners and the people they serve work as a team to develop Recover Game Plans™ and ’Stay Healthy’ Game Plans™ to get people better and keep them that way.

We ask people what they want in healthcare, then deliver it through our great team of doctors, nurses, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, chiropractors, physical therapists, and administrators. Of course, our Centers’ advanced technology and systems play a role, too. Through electronic medical records (EMR) to manage and coordinate care, extensive workflow automation and systems designed to manage service, website and app development to allow people to book and manage their appointments online and on-the-go, 24/7 visits by phone to help people avoid unnecessary travel for a doctor’s visit, and more, we are able to give people exactly what they said they want: convenient healthcare delivered by people who listen and truly care.

Arrowhead Health Centers is for just about everyone. It’s for people who want a comprehensive, integrated game plan for recovery and for staying healthy delivered conveniently by people who respect your time and energy. This is not ‘healthcare as usual’.

Accreditations & Awards


Patient Centered Medical Home

Arrowhead Health Centers is dedicated to transforming healthcare through access, teamwork, and technology. That’s Why Arrowhead Health Centers Has Been Certified As A Level 3 Patient Centered Medical Home By The NCQA.
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osteoarthritis centers of america

OsteoArthritis Centers of America

Arrowhead Health Centers is the only OsteoArthritis Centers of America accredited provider in Arizona. With published research documenting efficacy and the only patented treatment plan for arthritis, this accreditation brings you the best in OsteoArthritis care.
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aaahc accredited

AAAHC Accredited

AAAHC accreditation means that the organization participates in on-going self evaluation, peer review and education to continuously improve its care and services. The organization also commits to a thorough, on-site survey by AAAHC surveyors at least every three years.
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healthiest employer

Healthiest Employer Award

Arrowhead Health Centers was recognized as one of the healthiest employers in the Valley for providing free healthcare to its employees and their families.
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Arizona eHealth Provider

Arrowhead Health Centers is constantly updating and reevaluating our health care technology to provide the easiest, most effective service for every patient’s needs. eHealth4AZ has recognized us for achievements in advancing eHealth technology to improve healthcare quality and delivery.
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Quality Improvement Award Winner

Arrowhead Health Centers has received the Quality Improvement Recognition Award from the Health Services Advisory Group. This award symbolizes the dedication and accomplishments demonstrated by practices that use health IT to provide exceptional care and results.
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