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Our helpful, experienced, and friendly staff of Family Practice Providers here at Arrowhead Health Centers are ready to help keep you and your family healthy. In addition to our care management, we also have a vast offering of programs and services to help you on your road to recovery. We put people first & people get healthy™.

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Family Practice Services

Allergies and Asthma

Each patient undergoes a thorough evaluation and diagnosis in order to determine the course of treatment and provide relief. Our team of experienced physicians are available to answer any questions you may have about your symptoms and help determine treatment options for your conditions. You don’t have to suffer from Allergies and Asthma anymore.

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DOT Physicals

Your Arrowhead Health Centers provider is certified and up-to-date with the National Registry System and has met the standards of Arizona state laws and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations.

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Diabetes Management

Without proper management and treatment, Diabetes can lead to heart attack, stroke, nerve damage, sores, and even blindness or loss of limbs. If you or a loved-one has diabetes, don’t worry: our personalized Diabetes Management Program focuses on early treatment in order to prevent these outcomes.

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Skin Cancer

Arizona has the highest skin cancer rates in the nation and the second highest rates in the world. Skin Cancer is the most common form of cancer in the world, resulting in one death per hour. Early detection and treatment is the most effective way to cure melanoma and other forms of skin cancer so be sure to stay on top of skin cancer signs.

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Everyday illness

Arrowhead Health Centers puts people first & people get healthy. As symptoms of cold, cough, flu or an ailment strike it is important to remember that Arrowhead Health Centers is here for you with same day/next day appointments. Our trusted providers put people first. Our goal is to discuss with you the symptoms of your ailment, provide a fast and accurate diagnosis, and help you get back on your feet. With our on-site lab we are able to perform any further testing without the inconvenience of travelling elsewhere.

Our providers see a variety of acute symptoms including:

– Allergy

– Congestion

– Cold

– Flu-like symptoms

– Cough

– Sore throat

Labs & Blood Work

Arrowhead Health Centers has an on-site lab for your convenience. Whether it’s a diabetic panel, thyroid testing, metabolic testing or blood work, we are able to complete the lab work here and provide safe and easy online access to your records.

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Smoking Cessation

Our Smoking Cessation Program is designed to help smokers end their habit with an array of treatment options. You are not alone through this often difficult process. Through medication, counseling and a variety of treatment options we are there, side-by-side, to help you through this healthy lifestyle change.

The team of providers at Arrowhead Health Centers are here to help.

Sports Physicals

Arrowhead Health Centers provides school and sports participation physicals. Those evaluations are comprehensive and include medical exams, diagnoses to assess vision and hearing, heart and lung health and joint and extremity integrity. Our providers use our on-site lab to conduct urinalysis tests and other screenings that may be required prior to competition.

Our providers also check for scoliosis and other health conditions common among school-age children. And to save you time and hassle, we complete the participation forms required by your child’s school or sports organization.

Our team of providers here at Arrowhead Health Centers are ready to help your athlete. Learn more

Annual & Well Visits

Annual and Well visits are an important part of your health, and our care providers will take time to listen to any and all of your concerns. Arrowhead Health Centers’ programs have specific focuses based on the age and gender of the patient. Male or female, young or old, our comprehensive physical exams will provide detailed review of your history and suggest tests or screenings commonly required. Tests and screenings may be required and can be done at our convenient on-site lab. You will receive guidance and comfort from our helpful and friendly providers as we focus on prevention and maintaining wellness.

Choosing a Family Practice Provider

A family practice physician addresses a large range of health issues and topics including but not limited to pediatrics, adult medicine, maternity care, gynecology, skin care of the surgical patient, emergency care, sports medicine, mental health, diagnostic imaging, and nuclear medicine. A family practice physician treats patients of all ages, both sexes, and a variety of ailments.

One benefit to seeing a family practice doctor is the comprehensive and continuing care they provide. The right doctor will be a part of your life for a long time and will know your body like the back of their hand. Take some time to select a doctor that will give you the best care possible. In order to ensure you’re getting the right family physician for you, follow these guidelines:

Choose one in your insurance provider network.

You’re already paying for medical insurance, so you might as well take advantage of your plan by selecting a family practice physician in your network. Many insurance companies have websites that make it easy to discover which offices are in-network. You can also call the doctor’s office directly and ask if they take your insurance. Arrowhead Health Centers accepts most major insurance plans.

Get recommendations.

These days, there are a variety of sources to utilize when choosing a family practice doctor. Ask your friends on Facebook, check Yelp, and don’t forget to look at the doctor’s webpage for success stories. If they are good, they will have raving testimonials from satisfied patients.

Check availability.

Make sure the doctor you choose offers same or next day appointments. What good is it to see a doctor a week after your cold or flu has already passed? Also, you want a doctor that is available to see your children as soon as possible when they are ill.
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