Patient Stories


Kelly’s Story

“I learned the about the seriousness of skin cancer after I was diagnosed. Dr. Johnston explained how the survival rates diminish greatly as the affected area grows. It was also astonishing to learn just how small that area actually needed to be to become life threatening.She removed some of the cancer right in the doctor’s office, but I had to see a specialist to get the rest of the cancer that had gone deeper into my skin tissue. If it wasn’t for Dr. Johnston and the team at Arrowhead Health Centers, I’m not so sure I’d be here today.”

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Jane’s Story

“I was open to the program my daughter showed me because it had nothing to do with surgery. I’ve had enough surgeries and I don’t want more. They suck the life out of you! I understood the importance of treating the whole person and not just doing injections with medication.”

“Everyone was so thoughtful and helpful. I always felt like they cared so much about me. They helped me through every exercise and encouraged me when I thought I couldn’t do certain parts of the program. They’ve done so much for me!”

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Armando’s Story

“Every time I came out of treatment, I felt great. It was so different than anything I’d tried before. We did lots of things for my neurotherapy, and I always felt a result from everything they did. The team had me do water therapy with little machines, exercises on the bicycle and balance training with a computer. My favorite was the stimulator machine. I would stand on a balancing platform, and there were different games that made it fun and helped me get stronger.”

“Arrowhead [Health Centers] was the only place that gave me relief. The people are great, the treatment is great, and I feel 80% better. I’m like a different person.”

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Shane and Mike’s Story

“I’m a huge believer in chiropractors. Having the best alignment limits my chances of getting injured.”

“A team happens when people come together and gel as a group to accomplish something they set out to do. They’re a support system, a family. The same idea applies to health. One person can’t do it all. You need different people, hands and eyes to help.”

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Jane, Eva, and Jason’s Story

“You don’t have to be an athlete to do what I’m doing. I found a natural treatment that’s not harmful to my body, so it’s worth it. I’m living pain free now.” – Jason

“I’m not on pain medications anymore, and the best part is that I don’t feel like I need them as long as I stay in the program and keep moving.” – Jane

“As soon as I started feeling pain again, I got help with the OA program. I didn’t want to wait and I think that helped me a lot.”
“I just feel really good after the injections. That kind of surprised me, too. Usually when you hear the word ‘shots’ you feel disabled. You think you’ll have to have someone drive you home, but that’s not the case with these [injections].” – Eva

Learn more about Jane, Eva, and Jason’s story and read the full article in Healthstyle Magazine here.


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