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Total Joint Rejuvenation

Regenerative Medicine therapy may be the answer for you! This innovative, cutting-edge program takes advantage of your body’s ability to repair itself by supplementing the affected area with regenerative medicine containing stem cells.

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Total Joint Rejuvenation Program

How Stem Cell Therapy Works

Most current pain management procedures only mask or reduce pain. Because the placental tissue matrix product we use contains the proteins, growth factors, hyaluronic acid, cytokines and other natural cells your body uses to heal soft tissues, it has the power to grow new cartilage, ligament, tendon, or muscle tissue that has been damaged due to injury or degeneration.
Total Joint Rejuvenation

Our Program at a Glance

– Cost-Effective: Consider the costs of comprehensive pain management: multiple physician visits, injections, MRIs, CT scans, X-Rays, narcotic prescriptions, physical therapy, and travel time. With one consultation and an injection, this treatment could provide all the relief you’re seeking. Plus, you can use your HSA or MSA!

– Easy Treatment: Our treatment offers non-surgical pain relief with one simple, painless injection. The goal of this treatment is to help restore or improve the function of muscles, joints, and other damaged tissues while reducing the pain associated with damage to those areas.

– Stem Cell Therapy is Safe: The regenerative medicine offered at Arrowhead Health Centers is safe, effective, and easy to inject. It is obtained from placental/amniotic tissues from healthy mothers with healthy newborns (which is normally discarded after birth).

Total Joint Rejuvenation Program FAQ

Q: Are amniotic tissue Placental Tissue Matrix injections safe?

A: Absolutely. The amniotic tissue product we use to rejuvenate your spine and joint concerns is composed of the growth factors, extracellular matrices, cytokines, and other cellular components your body already uses to naturally heal damaged or injured tissue. Treatment of many thousands of patients has proven there is no evidence that amniotic tissue products cause cancer, transmit genetic disease, or result in tissue rejection issues.

Q: Is more than one treatment needed?

A: Possibly. We assess each case carefully to determine the best treatment plan. Some patients need only one treatment, while others may need two or more to achieve the best outcome.

Q: What helps determine the outcome of my Placental Tissue Matrix therapy?

A: Various factors determine the outcome, including extent of tissue damage, disease, your overall health, and the area being treated.

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Our program offers non-surgical pain relief with one simple, painless injection. With one consultation and an injection, this treatment could provide all the relief you’re seeking. Call us or click on the button below!

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